Designing with Zinc

Zinc casting alloys are stronger, stiffer and tougher than molded plastics, extruded aluminum or die cast aluminum and magnesium. Zinc castings can be produced with thinner walls than aluminum or magnesium and lower - even zero - draft angles. Dimensional consistency is better, and trimming and machining are unnecessary, even where tight tolerances are specified.

Fielding Manufacturing has been providing exceptional quality in zinc die cast and plastic parts manufacturing since 1962. With our high-speed, four-slide, microprocessor-controlled machines, we offer in-house capabilities in engineering, rapid prototyping, and tool design, manufacturing, and maintenance. We guarantee our tools for the life of the part.

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Zinc Die Casting transforms shapeless liquid into components with the strength of cast iron, stiffness 50 times greater than nylon, and thermal and electrical conductivity better than 380 aluminum.

Benefits of Designing with Zinc

  • Higher yield strengths than any commonly specified metals and plastics.
  • Highest impact strengths: up to 15 times higher than 380 aluminum.
  • 20% higher torsional and bending stiffness than 380 aluminum;
    10 times stiffer than reinforced plastics
  • Highest elongation of any die cast material (up to 13%) allows easy assembly,
    crimping, staking, swaging and spin riveting.
  • Zinc offers three times higher damping than 380 aluminum at 20°C;
    20 times higher at 100°C.
  • Zinc alloys are non-magnetic.
  • Zinc can be cast with greater accuracy than any other material.
  • Cast with lowest draft angles and smallest cored holes.
  • Machine faster and with less tool wear than 380 aluminum or brass.
  • Tooling lasts ten times longer than 380 aluminum with less maintenance.

Zinc Alloys Provide Incredible Design Flexibility

  • More internal volume due to thinner zinc walls.
  • Superior EMI and ESD shielding.
  • Complex geometric shapes including cored holes and flash-free shut-offs.
  • Pressure tightness to keep atmosphere out, inert gases in.
  • Excellent VHF reflectivity.
  • Integral heat sinks, or thin, complex cooling fins or pins.
  • Unmatched physical strength and damping properties.
  • Tight tolerances which often eliminate secondary machining.
  • Surfaces which provide good corrosion resistance and
    accept virtually any finishing process
  • The ability to cast in part labeling, logos or instructions.

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