Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified systems-driven quality assurance program makes Fielding the safest, most dependable choice for your next project. We minimize risk by tracking and analyzing every step of our manufacturing process to minimize part to part variation, and assure consistent, reliable quality for every part, every time. With over 40 years experience building quality assurance into our process, we offer one of the industry's lowest reject rates, and on-time delivery rates of 98% or better.

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Quality is a means as well as an end. Our quality systems tell us when our process is working well, and helps us make it better. At Fielding, quality reduces cost.


A Quality System For Every Part
Customer Satisfaction and Quality are key metrics that drive Fielding Manufacturing. 

• Every new part starts with a Process Capability Study, and frequently an FMEA study as well. Before any parts are submitted for final approval, we run the tool for 24 hours to thoroughly analyze our process. We take samples 2 to 4-times an hour, do statistical analysis on critical dimensions, analyze attribute data like flash and surface finish, and define as accurately as possible the amount of variation in our process window. This way, we're ready to go whenever you give the OK.
• From this data, we create a written Quality Assurance Plan which incorporates all items which need to be checked and measured on setup, and which items need to be measured and checked in-process. Samples are taken and checked every hour, then bagged, labeled and saved until you have accepted and signed off on that lot.
• Every part has its own set of Dedicated Gauges which are only used for that part and are retained under that part number in our QA lab. All gauges are calibrated on a regulated calibration schedule by our QA department. This process ensures that the right gauges are always used on the part, that they are always in calibration, and that they will not be subjected to adverse wear. We can also accommodate Customized Testing requirements.
• Rapid Prototyping also helps assure quality. By optimizing a part for manufacturability, we also optimize the manufacturing process. Consistent cycle times improve material flow and temperature control, which affect shot size, mold fill, and material porosity. Good process makes good parts, and as an ISO Certified company we are dedicated to continually improving our process.
• We track and document all aspects of Customer Satisfaction, including on-time delivery rates (99.4% for plastics, 99.3% for zinc) and internal and external reject rates (less than 0.5% for all production operations, including secondary operations, sub-assembly, hot stamping, plating and finishing). We also conduct twice annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys from which we derive a numerical rating (85–90% Excellent).

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